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Goli Border Frequently Asked Questions

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Goli Border Frequently Asked Questions


Goli is a gazetted exit and entry point along the boundary separating Uganda and her neighbour DRC.

Goli is located in Nebbi district in the vicinity of Paidha Town council. River Goli acts as a natural boundary separating DRC and Uganda.


Question:      When will the construction of the border export zone market start?

Response:     The construction of border export zone markets is a process   which starts  with allocation of fully titled land to the Ministry of Trade by the local government. The Goli local government has not yet finished the process of land formalisation

Question:      Does the Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project facilitate small scale cross border traders with capital to increase the volumes of business?

Response:     No the project is not providing hard cash money to traders, however, by simplifying customs clearance procedures, providing export, import duty free service, by preventing, reducing & controlling harassment, reducing time for clearances, corruption, GBV, & NTBs  will result into motivation of the traders, increase in  business transactions , facilitation of business trips and all these lead to business growth.

Question:      Why are local revenues like market fee, produce fee being collected from small scale cross border traders.

Response:     The bilateral agreement between project member states allows for local tax or revenue collections however, receipts must be issued to the traders. Other taxes allowed are VAT, WHT, among others for the case of Uganda.

Question:      What if the small scale trader wants to buy goods under STR grim project areas, but will take to non-project areas; will he or she be exempted from paying Export/import duty?

Response:     As long as the goods qualified for STR & they will cross the project borders & any border where there is STR like in some members of EAC they will enjoy import & export duty free except exemption.


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