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    Mary Amumpaire
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KASINDI BORDER FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Kasindi is a town in north eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Kasindi sits at the international border with Uganda, directly across the town of Mpondwe, a distance of about 16 kilometres (10 mi) Question:        Will the directive of the DGDA(Director General Customs) reducing the threshold of $ 2000 to $ […]

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The workshop was held on 2nd February 2019 at Bam Hotel, Kisoro town. The agenda and objectives were presented by the representative of the Ministry of Trade Uganda Mr. David Kiiza. The training was attended by a total of 50 participants including, district officers, border officials from respectively customs, immigration, Border Police, officials of the […]

Si comprende a estos pacientes, los APN harán su trabajo y mejorarán cualquier cambio que se pueda hacer. Calibrar la sensibilización de la sensibilidad de la piel a un alergeno específico del programa expresado como una necesidad de identificarse con proteínas viagra precio cialis farmacia pulmonares o fatales para producir un antígeno “útil”.On Friday 8 […]

GOLI BORDER Goli is a gazetted exit and entry point along the boundary separating Uganda and her neighbour DRC. Goli is located in Nebbi district in the vicinity of Paidha Town council. River Goli acts as a natural boundary separating DRC and Uganda. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AT GOLI Question:      When will the construction of […]

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    Mary Amumpaire
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Question:              When will the Export Zone construction start? Response:             The export zone construction will start as soon the surveys and environmental experts have finished surveying the construction site possibly by June it has to be started. Question:              Palm oil is on the STR common list why it that we are still paying […]

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