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DR Congo Support - Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project
Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project
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    +260 211 229725
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    COMESA, Lusaka - ZAMBIA
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    Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00

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DR Congo Support

In the DRC an inter-ministerial project steering committee chaired by MoC will be created and consist of dedicated representatives from each of the following ministries and agencies: MoC (Secretariat), Finance, Interior, Public Works, Agriculture, DGDA, DGM, Standards Office (Office Congolais de Contrôle – OCC) and Health/Hygiene. The Steering Committee will meet every six months to oversee and provide guidance to the project, ensure the coordination for border management and oversee related actions at the national level. The project will be implemented under the overall coordination of the Ministry of Commerce where the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) will be formed within the Secretariat General. It will be responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and coordination with other beneficiaries. Given that the largest proportion of the financing of the project will go towards infrastructure improvements the Cellule Infrastructures (CI) will be responsible for the management of Component 1. CI is a technical body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public
Works (MITP) and has administrative, operational and financial management capacity. It has gained considerable experience in implementing other donor and Bank financed development projects in the country. A separate designated account will be opened to manage the infrastructure improvements.

At the provincial level, the Project Steering Committee will be advised by Provincial Technical Committees (PTCs) that will take a lead in the coordination of the border management agencies and supervise implementation of activities on the ground. The PTCs will be created under the Project Steering Committee (PSC) but report to both PSC and the Governor of North and South Kivu. The PTCs will play a role of coordination and supervision of
activities on the ground. In addition, the Provincial Project Teams (PPT) in North and South Kivu will be created and placed under the National Project Coordination Unit in the Ministry of Commerce to ensure effective project implementation and supervision on the ground. The PPTs will be composed of six staff. A detailed schematic of the proposed implementation arrangement can be found in Annex 3. A sub-designated account will be opened in each PPT while the FM responsibility should be fully ensured by the PCU in Kinshasa.