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Trade Information Desks - Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project
Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project
  • Contact Us
    +260 211 229725
  • Our Address
    COMESA, Lusaka - ZAMBIA
  • Working Hours
    Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00

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Trade Information Desks

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About Trade Information Desks (TIDs)
Trade Information Desk are structures established under the COMESA Simplified Trade Regime (STR) at various border points to provide facilitation services and relevant trade information to traders crossing the borders. They also serve small cross border traders seeking to form themselves into a formalized grouping.

Trade Information Desk Officers (TIDOs)
Trade Information Desks are operated by Trade Information Desk Officers (TIDOs) who shall always be in uniform. The officers are recruited by their respective Cross Border Traders Associations (CBTAs) or their relevant proxy organizations.

The role of TIDOs
The role of the TIDOs is to provide trade facilitation services and relevant trade information including documents to traders crossing the border and where necessary to other traders and stakeholders that may require similar information or facilitation. This includes collecting all relevant information on (but not limited) to the following:-

  • Common commodities traded
  • Trader traffic (trends in numbers of traders crossing the border under STR)
  • Incidences of illegal and or unfair treatment of cross border traders such as cases of corruption, harassment and any forms of non-tariff barriers
  • Time taken to clear goods and cross the border
  • Availability of documentation and general capacity of the border agencies in handling increasing numbers of traders
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly reports for use by Cross Border Traders Associations (CBTA), COMESA and governments;
  • Conduct sensitization efforts on behalf of CBTA
  • Obtain market prices for commonly traded products.
  • Provide information on customs procedures and any changes made.
  • Provide information on accommodation, transport  and any other essential services  to traders
  • Guide traders on customs, trade and border procedures and in filling out relevant forms and filing of the required documents to border agencies.
  • Provide information and relevant documentation to small traders at an agreed fee. This fee has to be determined in advance and agreed with all stakeholders.
  • Keeping an update of all customs and other cross border trade procedures at all times
  • Helping traders in filling forms or completing relevant cross border procedures at an agreed fee.
  • Act as liaison officer on behalf of traders in cases of disputes.
  • Provide secretarial or administrative services to CBTAs, traders as well as members of the general public in terms of printing; photocopying; faxing; emailing at fee (use normal prevailing market rates).
  • Prepare a monthly report of all activities carried out
  • Ensure adequate availability of all supplies for efficient  service delivery
  • Complementing Customs officers in attending to small scale traders` queries
  • Supply relevant information to the CBTA to assist in their businesses
  • Provide any other relevant information required by traders

Working Hours
Working hours are same as the border opening hours.  The office shall be closed on Sundays and all public holidays